Party packages (also referred to as Events) allow you to group Jump Time tickets, merchandise, food, and party-room bookings for large parties using a single inventory item. Creating and configuring a party package is a multi-step process, but booking an event is straightforward and can be done both online and in-store.

Creating and configuring a party package is done in three steps: first, create a new inventory item for the package, then select the items and related add-ons for the package, and finally add the package to one of your configured Areas.

Creating a new inventory item for the party package:

  • Click “Inventory” from the main navigation menu, then click “Add”
  • Follow the steps in the tutorial “How to Create and Manage Products” but do not add the item to a POS Display Section
    • Ensure that “Is Package” is selected on the Product Details page, to specify that you will add package products into this inventory item

After saving the product, follow the steps below to configure the package’s contents:

  • Add a list of the items in the package to the Description field on the Edit Details tab of the Product Details page
    • You can add any customer requirements here, as well (age restrictions, etc.)
  • For each item in the package, click Add > Package Product
    • Select a product from the Product list, then enter a quantity to include in the package
    • If the price of the item will differ in the package, select the Override Price checkbox, then enter a new price in the field that appears
  • For any optional items you wish to offer to package customers, click Add > Related Item
    • Select a product from the Product list, then enter a cost in the Override Cost field
      • Note: You must always enter a price in this field, even if it is identical to the product’s normal price
  • To create a list of requirements for employees to fulfill before an event begins, click Add > Product Requirement
    • Product requirements will create a checklist for employees. People often add things like “create party sign” and “order pizza” to this list.
  • Use the tabs in the Product Details page to review the package products, add-ons, requirements, and other configuration for the package to ensure that everything is set up as you wish