To book an event in the store:

  • Click Events > Book an Event
  • Select the party package from the list that appears, then click “Next”
  • Choose a date, Area, and time slot for the event, then click “Next”
  • Enter an event name, any additional notes, and the number of expected children and adults
  • Select an event organizer (the purchaser) by clicking “Scan License” or “Manual Search” under the heading “Select an Organizer”
    • If you choose to scan a license, you will be prompted to place a driver’s license under a connected scanning device. If you choose to search manually, you will be able to search among all customer accounts
  • Select an optional guest of honor, if you wish, using the same steps as the event organizer, then click “Next”
  • Select any optional add-on products on the next page, and review the cart to ensure accuracy before clicking “Next” once more
  • Complete the transaction using the purchaser’s chosen payment method

After booking an event, you can view or edit event details by clicking Events > Search or Events > Area Schedule from the main navigation menu. The Search page will allow you to enter search criteria to locate any currently booked event. If you wish to view all booked events within a given date range, you can specify only a date range in the search criteria. The Area Schedule page displays events for all areas for a given day. You can use the “>” and “<” buttons near the top-right of the page to move forward or backward by one day, or you can click the calendar icon to specify any date to view.