Adding a Product to the POS Display Section 

Products become available for sale once they are added to a POS Display Section. Note: Any Jump Time product that will be sold to the public online must be added to the Jump Time POS Display Section. Use the following steps to add your new product:

  • Navigate to Settings > POS Display Sections
  • Click “Edit” on the line of the section to which you wish to add a product
  • In the POS Display Section’s Details page, click Add > Product
  • Select a product from the Product dropdown menu
  • Select a color for non-ticketed items only (food, merchandise, etc.)
  • Enter an optional sort number if you wish, to control the order of this item compared to others in the same section
  • If you do not wish for the product to be displayed on the POS at this time, you can uncheck the “Active” checkbox

You can check your work by heading to Sales<Make a Sale and navigating to the display section where you added your product.