Creating and Managing Products 

Inventory items (Products) can include Jump Time tickets, clothing, food, and any other merchandise that you wish to sell through your POS system. Adding new products for sale requires a simple two-step process:

  1. Create a new product
  2. Configure the new product
  3. Add the new product to a POS display section

Create a New Product

  • Open the Inventory page via the “Inventory” button in the main navigation bar
  • Click “Add” near the top-left of the page to open the New Product dialogue
  • Enter a name for the product
  • Enter any of the configuration options listed in the table below
CategoryThe financial reporting category of the product. This affects where the product will be listed on reports
CodeAn optional reference number of your choosing
Unit PriceThe base price of the product
Deposit AmountA required deposit amount in monetary terms. Note that entering a value in this field will deactivate the “Deposit Percentage” field
Deposit PercentageA required deposit amount in percentage terms. Note that using the percentage slider will deactivate the “Deposit Amount” field
SortA number determining the order of Jump Time products when viewed on the public page.
GL AccountAn optional General Ledger Account number of your choosing
Tax Included in PriceWhen selected, this option will cause the Unit Price to display as the Total price in the shopping cart on the Make a Sale page, which technically lowers the displayed unit price to account for included tax.
Is PublicApplies to Jump Time tickets only. When selected, this will allow Jump Time tickets to be purchased by customers online.
Is In StoreWhen selected, this will allow an item to be sold via the Make a Sale page
Is Add-on OnlyIndicates that the product should only be usable as an add-on / related item
Is Always AvailableWhen selected, this makes the product available at all times, rather than following an Availability Rule
Is FeaturedWhen selected, this places a banner on the product listing to feature it
ImageAllows a URL to be entered for an image, which will be included in the product listing
DescriptionA description of the product, or the contents of a package
Display ColorThe color of the public-facing ticket associated with a Jump Time product
LocationsThe location(s) at which the product should be available
CalendarAllows the selection of an existing “calendar,” which is a grouping of pre-defined Availability Rules
1” is equal toFor Jump Time products, enter the duration of the product in seconds
MeasurementAllows the selection of a unit of measure related to the number entered in the field above. Select “seconds” for Jump Time products
Is Dynamic PriceSpecifies whether the product uses dynamic pricing rules
Is PackageSpecifies whether the product is a Party Package
ActiveSpecifies whether the product should be available for sale.

After setting the basic configuration above, click “Save” to continue. You will be shown the Product Details page, in which you can configure additional options for the product or change any of the properties you’ve already set. Additional options can be viewed or edited via the vertical menu to the left of the product details, and new entries for each menu can be added via the “Add” button above the menu. 

The following additional options can be configured here:

LevyAdds a selected tax or discount
Pricing RuleSpecifies different pricing rules by date range or quantity
Package ProductSpecifies which products should be included inside a party package
Related ItemSpecifies which products should be displayed as optional purchases in the shopping cart
Attribute CategoryApplies a selected attribute category to the product
Availability RuleAllows the creation of Availability Rules to restrict the availability of Jump Time products
Product RequirementAllows the creation of a to-do list for employees to complete before a customer uses the product (this is most often used for party packages)