1. Select Inventory under the navigation menu.
  2. Find and select Edit next to the product you wish to change the availability of.
  3. Once correctly navigated, select Manage Product Availability on the left hand side of the product configuration page.
  4. From here we may either edit existing availability or add a new one.
  5. To add new one, simply select Add up above the menu and then select Availability Rule
  6. Once done, a list of fields will be displayed, fill them out accordingly:
    • Title: The name of the availability rule, primarily used to say what/when the rule is applied to.
    • Where: Currently not used.
    • Timezone: This must match the timezone of the location in which the product is associated.
    • All Day: Assigns the Product to be available all day.
    • Start: When the product is supposed to begin its availability.
    • End: When the product is supposed to end its availability within the same day.
      • Note: The Start and End dates MUST be the same for the rule to work properly.
    • Repeat: Must be selected for the rule to function correctly as well as set up recurring cycles.
    • Description: Adds a description to the availability to help define whatever is necessary.
    • Repeats: This selects what type of integer to repeat by;
      • Daily: Repeats every day
      • Weekly: Repeats every week
      • Monthly: Repeats every Month
      • Yearly: Repeats every Year
    • Repeat On: Select the specific days based on the integer chosen for which days you wish the product to be available.
    • Ends: Selects when you wish this rule to end or no longer be applied.
      • Never: This rule will never end.
      • On Date: This rule will stop functioning on the date set.