1. Navigate to the Settings Category on the left-hand menu – Select Discounts from the drop-down

2. The screen will change to show all Levies created within the system:
a. Tax(es)
b. Discounts
c. Credit on Account – Do not change this
d. Payouts – Do not change this
e. Tip – Do not change this

3. To create a new Discount, click Add in the top-left – a pop-up window will appear

4. Fill out the information:
a. Name – Name of the Discount
b. Levy Type – You should only be using Discount here, or in very rare circumstances Tax
c. General Ledger Account Number – The Account Number associated to this sort of Levy
d. Code – Typically this is just used as an identifier, however for special Discounts it can be
used to confirm the customer has the correct Code
--- Ex: Spring Break employs a 20% Discount to Parties. This Discount is only given
out via a code that is sent out by e-mail. Customers who come in and say the
Code (that can be checked in this Discount menu) will be granted the Discount
by the Employee
e. Percentage – Amount of Discount to be applied (this must be entered as a decimal)
---10% = input 0.10
f. Amount – This is for Flat Amount Discounts
---$50.00 Off
g. Requires Approval – This checkbox will signify if a Manager Override is required
h. Locations – Select all locations that apply

5. After filling out the information, click Save.

6. Next, navigate back to the Discount you just created in the list of Discounts and click Edit, this
will open the information panel back up

7. Go back into the Location and select all that apply again, then click Save
a. It is required to do this when setting up the Discount and another re-save afterward

8. Now this Discount should appear in the Discounts section on Checkouts/Carts