Epson Driver v5 Installation

  1. To download v5 of the driver click on or type in this link
  2. You are going to see the page above, click the Download button next to “Advanced Printer Driver v5.04”. This will trigger a download that will go to the bottom of your Chrome Browser and once done, click on it.
  3. A new window will appear
  4. You are going to want double click the file “APD_504_T88V” (51.6mb) highlighted in the picture above to extract the compressed file, follow the prompts, then a new window should appear with the extracted files that looks similar to the previous window.
  5. Double click the file once again to run the installation process for the driver
    • A new window will appear to begin the installation, follow the prompts.
      1. Section 2 - at the bottom left should have your printer selected, verify that it is the correct printer.
      2. Section 3 - check to make sure the “Port Type” is matched up to how your printer is connected to your computer.

If your printers are hooked into your router via ethernet cable, you will select IP Instead of USB and it will ask you to enter the IP Address of the printer. 

  1. To get the printer IP address you will need to get to the back of the printer and push in a small button for about 4 seconds. This will print out a sheet with the IP. address that you will then enter in on the installation screen.
  2. Section 4 - Make sure you check “Set as Default Printer” then click save settings, and then next in section 5.
  3. Follow the prompts to finish installation.
  4. Once you are done installing, now go to the Windows search bar again and type in “Devices and Printer” and select the populated box.
  5. A new window will pop up and right click on “EPSON -T88V Receipt” and a drop down will appear and select “Printing Preferences”
    • A new window will appear, go to the “Peripherals” tab in the top middle of the page.

      1. Under peripherals below the tabs there is a drop down, select “Cash Drawer”
      2. You will see a set of tabs with the first one labelled “Start of Document”. Select that one and under “Cash Drawer #1” select open. 
        • To check this, go below this section and click the box “Operation Check” and this will pop the cash drawer.
      3. Go to the bottom, click Apply (if applicable) then OK, and you are all set.