Notice: In most cases, making adjustments to the Prices is all that is necessary. This is especially true if you apply Weekend prices on all Holidays. As a result, if the Holiday falls on a Monday – Thursday it will need Weekend pricing. Adjusting Party Times is only necessary if you choose, and is a much larger task. If your store keeps the same Party Times all 7 days of the week, this is not necessary.

Hours of Operation: In addition to changing Products and Time Slots, making adjustments to your Hours of Operation may be necessary. Please view the “Hours of Operation” Help Document, available from Active8 Support.

Price Adjustments:

  1. First, you will need to make sure you know which Products will need to be changed. This can be done by navigating to the Sales -> Make a Sale page. Use the Jump Time calendar to select the date of the Holiday you are planning to make adjustments for. In this example, we’ll use December 25th, 2016.
  2. Click through all of the timeslots (11:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m., etc.) to collect a list of all Products that are available during that Holiday. Be sure to keep track of this list, as these are half of the Products you will need to make adjustments on.
  3. Next, select a nearby day that you want your Holiday to be based on. As an example, if your Holiday falls on a Sunday, but you would like to have Weekday prices for the day, select the nearest Monday.
  4. Document the list of all available Products on the day you will be basing your prices on, as these will also need to be adjusted to be presented on the Holiday.
    • Note: Be aware of any specials while documenting your list. If you have a Product only available on Mondays, it may not be available on Sunday during the Holiday.
Dec 26 (Mon)Dec 25 (Sun)
1 HR Jumptime1 HR Jumptime - Weekend
2 HR Jumptime2 HR Jumptime - Weekend
Munchkin MondayAfter Dark Special
  1. December 25th, 2016 is a Sunday, so we will use December 26rd, 2016 to get our list of Products.
  2. As shown above, this is a minor example of the list. Notably, After Dark Special may or may not be available on the Holiday – that is up to your store. Additionally, the Munchkin Monday on Monday will not be available on the Sunday Holiday, so you can remove it from your list. Be sure to check with your manager for any questions.
    1. Now that the list is created, you can navigate to the Inventory tab to pull up your list of Products. 
    2. First we’ll tackle the list of Products on the Holiday (Sunday 25th). Open up each of the Products on your list from the Inventory by clicking “Edit”.
    3. On the Product’s page, you will see a left-hand sub-category menu. Select “Manage Product Availability” to display all current Availability Rules. 
      1. Review the list of Availability Rules to find any scenario that would encounter your Holiday. In this case, we would search for any rule that would occur on Sunday the 25th.
      2. Based on this list, we can tell that the “Sunday” rule will be the one we need to adjust.
    4. On that rule (and any other(s) that may apply), click “Create an Exception”. This will open a pop-up that will allow you to enter a Date. Enter 12/25/16 (your Holiday’s date) and click Save.
      • This will create an “exception” to the Availability Rule, essentially skipping that date.
    5. You will need to create an Exception on the corresponding Availability Rules for all of your Products in your list for your Holiday date (Sunday 12/25/16). So repeat the process for all of the Products you documented that are normally available on Mondays (aside from any necessary specials).
    6. Now, navigate back to the Inventory page and open all of the Products on your documented list for the nearby Weekday (Monday 12/26/16). 
    7. After opening each Product, navigate to the “Manage Product Availability” sub-category where you will be able to see all Availability Rules for the Product.
    8. We will be adding a new rule for the Holiday, to allow the Weekend Product to be purchased on a Weekday. Alternatively, rather than adjusting existing Weekend Products, you can always create a new Product. If you would like to do this, please review the “Products, Taxes, Attributes, and POS Display Section” Help Document, available from Active8 Support.
    9. To create a new Availability Rule for the Holiday, click the green “Add” button in the top-left. This will open a drop-down where you can select “Availability Rule”. 
    10. In the new pop-up, enter the below information:
      1. Title: Enter a name (we recommend using the Holiday)
      2. Timezone: Enter the timezone that this Holiday will be in. For this case, 12/25/16 will be in Standard Time, so we will enter EST for Eastern Standard Time. (Be sure to adjust it based on your location’s timezone!)
      3. All Day: This box will not be used, however, if you changed the Timezone, be sure to toggle this box ON then OFF. The end result will leave this box unchecked – but by toggling it you refresh the Start and End Times below to adjust for any Timezone changes.
      4. Start and End Date: Enter the Start and End Date of the Holiday. No matter how long the Holiday is, always enter the Start Date at the beginning of the Holiday, and the End Date will always need to match the Start Date.
      5. Start and End Time: Enter the Start Time and End Time for the Product. 
        1. If you want the Product to be available while you are open, enter the Start and End Time as when you open and close.
        2. If you want the Product to only be available for a specific amount of time, simply enter that amount of time in the fields. Keep in mind, this is the time the Product can be purchased for, and it does not take duration into account. If you have a 2 HR Jumptime Product, be sure to end the Product about 1.5 Hours earlier than you plan to allow them to jump for.
          • Rule of Thumb: For standard Products, enter the End Time as how long they are allowed to jump until, then subtract the duration of the Product and add 29 minutes.
            1. 2 HR Jumptime (2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Closing Time) would be entered as:
              1. Start Time: 2:00 p.m.


  • End Time: (10:00 p.m. – 2 hours + 29 mins) = 8:29 p.m.
  • This will ensure the jumpers do not stay past closing time
  • Repeat: Set the Repeat box as checked to open the Repeat Cycle. Even if your Holiday is only a single day, turn on Repeat.
  • Repeats: Enter Weekly in almost all cases, as it will give you the most accurate entry
  • Repeat Every: Enter 1 to have it repeat each week (even though it will not be repeating)
  • Repeat On: Select the day of the week your Holiday(s) fall on. In this case, we are selecting Sunday for 12/25/16
  • Ends: Select “On Date” and enter a Date that is less than 1 week away, but more than 2 days after your Holiday ends. In this case, we will enter 12/28/16. 


  1. Click Save to save your Availability Rule. Repeat this process for all of the Products that will need to be available on your Holiday.