Using the Make a Sale Page

Jump Time products and other merchandise can be sold at any registered station via the Make a Sale page. This does not include Events or Groups, but only individual sellable items. The Make a Sale page can also be used to process gift cards, apply discounts, and provide refunds.

To open the Make a Sale page, click the Sales button from the main navigation menu to open the Sales sub-menu, then click “Make a Sale.”

Note: Accessing this page requires a registered station or manager override. If you are not using a registered station, you will be prompted to bypass this requirement by entering a manager’s Code and Pin.

The Make a Sale page is laid out according to POS Display Sections, which are covered in a separate tutorial. This page can be broken into any number of categories that you wish, each of which will be displayed at the top of the page. The first category will always be “Jump Time,” which should display any item that generates a ticket and reduces the available capacity of your Jump Deck area.

To sell a ticketed product in the Jump Time section:

  • Select a date and available timeslot in the Time Slot widget
  • Select an area in the Area widget (if you only have one Jump Deck area, it will be selected by default)
  • Select a product in the Product widget. Note: only those products which are available for the selected area and time slot will be shown. 
  • Select the customer’s account in the Account widget via one of the options below:
    • To scan a driver’s license, click “Scan License,” then place the license under a connected scanning device. Active8 will then search for an existing customer account using the information on the license.
    • To search for an existing account, click “Manual Search,” enter your chosen search criteria in the window that appears, then select an account from the list of search results
  • If your chosen product has any Product Attributes assigned to it, make an attribute selection in the window that appears, then click “Done”
  • Click “Add to Cart” above the selected user account that is displayed in the Account widget to add the selected item to the cart with any selected attributes
  • You can now review the selected product and attributes by clicking the “Cart” button near the bottom of the page

To sell a product in any other section (non-ticketed items):

  • Click the header for any POS Display Section you wish to view
  • Click any of the products listed within your selected category
  • To add multiple instances of the same product to the cart, simply click the product listing multiple times

To edit the cart before checking out:

  • Click “Cart” to view all items currently in the cart
  • If changes have been made to the cart which are not yet visible, click the “Update Cart” button that appears at the top of the cart to refresh all items
  • Quantities can be changed for each line item in the cart by clicking within the Qty field, then entering a new quantity
  • Items can be removed from the cart by clicking the red “Delete” icon to the right of each line item
  • Prices can be directly edited within a cart by clicking “Edit Price” directly beneath an individual line item’s price
  • If any products with attributes are in the cart, you can update your attribute selection by clicking “Edit Options” in the Options column

To Process a transaction:

Once you have selected items and reviewed the cart, you can process a transaction by clicking the large Checkout button in the bottom-right corner of the Make a Sale page. First, select the type of transaction you wish to process (Credit/Debit, Gift Card, Cash) via the icons above the payment details, then follow the steps below:

  • For cash, enter the amount tendered, then click “Process” in the bottom-right corner of the Make a Sale page. The Process button takes the place of the Checkout button
  • For Credit/Debit or Gift Card, Active8 will pause to allow you to use your card swipe or chip/pin reader to collect card details, which will be automatically populated in the Checkout widget