Adding a Station- Help Document


Adding a station in Active8 is an easy few steps, but it is one of the most important things you must do before your store launches the software. Registering your station allows you to do a few things including; Allows you to take cash payments, allows you to access the “Make a Sale” page without a bypass, allows you to print receipts, allows your staff to log in more easily, and tells the system that the computer is in store to help in differentiating online vs in store party sales.

Step 1- Go to Stations < Downloads

Step 2- Download the client that corresponds with your computers processor, either 32 bit or 64 bit


Step 3- Once the download completes, open the download to start the installation, an active8 logo will appear with an animation to let you know that it is installing.

Step 4- The desktop will open automatically after installation, you will now type your domain name in the field that says “Domain”

Step 5- After that is done, head back to your browser (preferably Google Chrome) and in Active8 go to Stations<Stations to pull up a list of all current stations at your location.

Step 6- Click “Add Till” to register your current station. Fill in the fields

         Name- is the name of your station, this could be front desk, office, snackbar, etc.

         Location- Will default to your current chosen location.

         Default Display Section- This sets your default POS display section under sales. If you are at a front desk area you might choose “Jump Time” if you are at a Snackbar area you might choose “Food”, “Chips” or “Candy”

         Terminal ID- This is used to communicate with credit card terminals, if you do not have external credit card terminals, you can leave this blank.


Step 7- Click “Listen for Pair Request”

Step 8- Head back to the desktop client and click “Click Here to Pair”


That is it! Once you are done your station will show up in the stations list and you will be able to take cash, access the sales screen, and print receipts.