1. Log into Active8 Software.
  2. Navigate to End of Day Processing section, then select Daily Summary within the subsection.
  3. Each employee that had taken a cash transaction under their log in will have an Expected column as well as an Actual column next to it. Towards the right of these columns will be a Cash Counter button. Select this button.
  4. A new window will pop up with various categories that will need to be filled out:
    • Bills - Enter the correct number of bills that the drawer contained.
    • Coins - Enter the correct number of coins that the drawer contained.
    • Checks - Enter the correct number of checks in the Quantity section, and the total amount combined within the Total section.
    • Base Drawer Amount - Enter the amount the drawer started with.
    • Total Cash - This number will tally up automatically based on the Bills, Coins, and Checks sections combined.
  5. Hit Save once complete.
  6. The Actual field should now represent the number of profit within the drawer, and if done correctly, should also match the Expected amount gauged by the transaction history.
  7. After all employee's have been accounted for, enter the Total to Deposit in the bottom left hand corner.