1. Log into Active8 Software.
  2. To make a sale using the new Manual Terminal method, go to the Make a Sale section.
  3. After products are in the cart, head to Checkout.
  4. Select the Terminal option.
  5. Have the customer manually make a transaction using the terminal near the station that matches the amount in the cart.
  6. Once you have confirmed that the transaction on the terminal was successful, insert the exact amount under checkout and select Process
  7. After all sales for the day are finished, navigate to the Daily Summary section within the End of Day Process subsection.
  8. Select the Terminals tab next to the Cash tab.
  9. Similar to the Cash Count video/documentation, there is an Expected and Actual column. 
  10. On the terminal, run a transaction report to view the total amount taken for that day. Afterwards, enter that amount within the Actual column. Then hit Save in the upper left hand corner.