1. Log into Active8.
  2. Navigate to View History under the Sales subsection.
  3. Select View under any transaction that a refund is desired.
  4. Select Refund in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  5. A new window will prompt, featuring a field to input the desired amount to refund as well as a quick add calculator as well as the following options:
    • Cash - This refunds the transaction as cash.
    • Credit/Debit - This refunds the transaction to the Credit/Debit card used. *Note this is only available if the original transaction was with Credit/Debit*
    • Gift Card - This refunds the transaction to a desired Gift Card.
  6. Select Refund once the correct amount and desired refund method is chosen.


  1. Log into Active8.
  2. Once a Gift Card has been purchased and used in anyway, you can view it's history by navigating to the Gift Cards under the Sales subsection.
  3. Type in the Gift Card's number within the appropriate field to search for it.
  4. Once found, select Edit on the accordingly line.
  5. A new window will prompt with various information and Transaction History.
  6. Selecting on a transaction number will navigate the user to the according transaction page.
  7. Once done, select the X in the top left corner.