Any amount of payment with a card must be made on a cart as shown below:

Afterwards, navigating back to the cart at any time will have the option to use the Card-On-Cart functionality as shown below:

Selecting this option will change the UI slightly, however there will be a drop-down to select the Card-On-File that was used at least once within the cart as shown below:

Afterwards it will pull the card's tokenized information to allow additional payment to be received from the card in question as shown below:

If the card originally made a payment on a non-paired station, you will get the flag above to let you know that it was used online.

This can be used for all forms of carts if any credit card transaction was taken.

This functionality has a few configurations that can be adjusted as follow:

- Setting a number of days for when the tokenized card will expire.
- Choosing to require the CCV when reusing a tokenized card.

- Choosing to require a manager override when reusing a tokenized card.